Quickly add a contact's information to the system.

Go paperless and have contacts enter their information directly into a Fuze form.

Create custom fields to collect information that is unique to your chapter.

Get started quickly by importing a CSV of existing contacts.


Search, filter, and sort contacts.

Group contacts together by custom tags that you define.

View contacts who have attended select events.

Protect privacy by limiting what data users can see, depending on their specific role.


Designate users to follow up with particular contacts.

Measure follow-up progress for various subsets of your organization.

Easily view contacts with whom you are responsible for follow up.

Create and track follow-up tasks for each contact and optionally receive email reminders.


View analytics about where contacts fall in the Bond3x follow-up framework used by IVCF or your own custom connection statuses.

Keep track of who attended specific events.

Download a CSV of contacts for offline use.

View all your data from previous periods of follow-up.


Our powerful permissions system allows you to limit the information and actions to which users have access.

Your data is secure and backed up daily in the cloud.

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